Pre Weekend Chair

Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat

Pre-Weekend Chair Duties

  • Pre-Weekend Preparation:
    • Send Rector/a information needed for Team meetings, candidates coming, as well as requesting information needed for community participation.
    • Send to Communications and Prayer site:  team roster, candidate names, reminders to sponsor a candidate.
    • Write articles for Newsletter promoting team participation and sponsoring candidates.
    • Write article in Newsletter immediately prior to Weekend – remind community of need for donations of drink and snacks.
    • Process Candidate applications, sending appropriate information, payments, and updates to necessary people.
    • Send letter of acceptance and responsibilities to candidate and sponsor, respectively.
    • During the Weekend
      • At the Send-off, greet the candidates and introduce them to other candidates, silent professors, and rollistas.
      • Lead “Dedication of the Crosses” ceremony at Send-off (script provided).
      • Have list of candidates available for community at Send-off after the “DeColores” by community.
    • On Going Duties
      • Refresh and update VdC Brochure, candidate and team applications with current contact information.
      • Disperse VdC Brochures and applications to participating congregations.
      • Promote the VdC movement to non-participating congregations.
      • Prepare information to share as part of the Continuing Education Program.
      • Obtain and create maps, for Sponsors and community, to camps and churches for the Weekend Clausura.
      • Keep most recent 3 years’ folders of Pilgrims’ applications on flash drive.

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