Leaders Chair

Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat

Leaders Chair Duties

  • Obtain and maintain a list of all Fourth Day community who would be willing to serve on team.
  • Convene and facilitate the Rector/Rectora Selection Committee.
  • Call and invite the Rector and/or Rectora to lead the weekends.
  • Provide the Rector/Rectora with the supplies needed for the team selection process.
  • Convene and facilitate the Team Selection Committee.
  • Provide support and any necessary information to the Rector/Rectora during the entire period preceding the weekend.
  • Schedule Retor/Rectora training and provide weekend scripts for them as well as the Spiritual Director and Head Cha.
  • Assist with replacements when team-members have to drop off.
  • Following the weekend, assist with updating the data base (with Communication Chair) with team positions and information for each new participant.
  • Coordinate the activities of the Fourth Day Continuing Education.
  • Maintain and update weekend scripts and team manuals.
  • Present team training schedule to Secretariat.
  • Place team application in newsletter prior to team selection and at Ultreyas.
  • Standardize words and titles with regards to this movement.
  • Provide a questionnaire to debrief the Rector/Rectora and Head Chas.
  • Provide team training dates as far in advance as the weekends are scheduled.
  • Maintain and update Head Cha manuals.
  • Serve as member of the Executive Committee.
  • Purchase Communion for elements for team training meetings.


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