Palanca Chair

Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat

Palanca Chair Duties

†      Responds to requests for Palanca from other Cursillo movements.

†      Sends Palanca request to other Cursillo movements for Living Water Weekends.

†      Organizes the 72 hour prayer support for all Living Water Weekends.

†      Processes general Palanca letters and delivers letters to the weekend sites.

†      Maintains an on-going communication with Fourth Day Community about various Prayer Palanca opportunities.

†      Presents information on weekends that are being held around the country.

†      Makes available sign-ups for prayer participation of other weekends.

†      Prepares a form to be published in the newsletter as well as electronically for the community to respond for participation in the prayer vigil.

†      Provides a final roster of participants and team to Communication Chair, Leaders Chair, and data base recorder.

†      Contacts pastors who have attended a VDC weekend and asks their comments of the weekend to pass on to other pastors who sign participant applications.

†      Arranges for musicians for each Serenade.

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