Post Weekend

Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat

Post Weekend Chair Duties

†         Contact church liaisons to obtain permission to hold Ultreya at their church.

†         Give Ultreya guidelines to church hosts.

†         Set up Communion at each Ultreya. (Or find a substitute)

†         Keep songbooks and make sure they are at each Ultreya.

†         Maintain a list of Reunion Groups.

†         Keep supply of 4th Day Manuals.

†         Send thank you cards to the church after the Ultreya.

†         Make a packet for each new candidate on a Weekend that lists the dates of the next Ultreya, a list of the existing Reunion Groups, and a 4th Day Manual.

†         Be prepared to present an overview of the Reunion Group and Ultreyas at Continuing Education training if needed.

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