Kitchen Chair

Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat

Kitchen Chair Duties


†        Take supplies to first team training and give to Head Kitchen Cha (Coffee, spices, cups, paper plates, napkins, etc.).

†        Be at site on Sunday to assist in packing up kitchen tubs and store at your home.

†        Refill tubs (Coffee, spices, cups, paper plates, napkins, etc.).

†        Check expiration dates.

†        Will need to store Rubbermaid totes, milk crates, and pop cartons.

†        Repeat process for Women’s Weekend when held.

†        Attend monthly Secretariat meetings.

†        Attend team selection meetings and provide input.


(Head Kitchen Cha Duties, for Weekend)


†        Request funds from LWVDC Treasurer for purchase of overnight training session meals and basic foods.

†        Collect funds and receipts from overnighter and hold to be submitted to Treasurer.

†        Collect any supplies not used during training sessions and keep for Weekend.


†        Request snacks for weekend in newsletter and email. (Rector/a, Optional)

†        Request funds from Treasurer for Thursday evening meal (pizza) and slush fund for Weekend, to be given to Head Kitchen Cha (Head Cha).

†        At end of Weekend, collect slush funds not used and receipts from purchases and give to Treasurer (Head Kitchen Cha).


(Additional Kitchen Chair Duties, When Purchasing Food for Weekend)


†        Request funds from Treasurer for weekend shopping

†        Get menus from Head Kitchen Cha at overnighter training session or last training session at the latest.

  • Be sure menus requested are from kitchen manual.
  • Make shopping list from menus using manual aides.
  • Verify if there are any special dietary needs for the candidates.
  • Purchase alternatives if required.

†        Shop for food on Thursday of Weekend and deliver to site by 2:00 p.m.

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