Weekend Chair

Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat

Weekend Chair Duties

Prior to the Weekend:

†        Obtain copy of contract after treasurer secures weekend.

†        Inventory supplies and restock need as needed.

†        Provide detailed expenses and receipts to treasurer.

†        Share information for weekend, sendoff, and Clausura with community.

†        Arrange for Clausura (church and host).

†        Purchase Communion elements for the weekend as needed.

†        Provide team inventory training.

During the Weekend:

†        Arrange transportation of trailer to and from the weekend site.

†        Provide area emergency numbers to the Head Cha.

†        Set up and clean up camp facility:  Ancillary crew to arrange for helpers.

†        Make arrangements for pickup from and return to supplier for a book table if Rector/Rectora decides to have one on weekend.

†        Coordinate transportation for participants luggage from camp to Clausura (arranged by Secretariat representative and head Cha).

Post Weekend Duties:

†        Participate in Team Selection Committee.

†        Monitor trailer license and maintenance needs.

†        Store speakers/amps, computer equipment, candles, wine/juice, other items that should not be stored in the trailer.

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