Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat

Treasurer Duties

†        Accurately account for all LWVDC funds.

†        Prepare/provide written report for same at each monthly Secretariat meeting.

†        Collect/deposit funds from Ultreya offerings.

†        Pay babysitter at Ultreyas from fund collected at the Ultreya.

†        Collect/depost funds from team members that Head Cha collects from team.

†        Collect/deposit funds from weekend candidates.

†        Collect/deposit gift funds for Memorial account.

†        Collect/deposit other gift funds.

†        Disperse funds for weekend expenses.

†        Disperse funds for all other expenses.

†        Disperse fund from Memorial account.

†        Prepare semi-annual Treasurer’s report for newsletter.

†        Obtain sites/dates for weekends.

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