Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat

Communication Duties

†        Develop, Publish, and Distribute Newsletter

  • Publish newsletter every 2 months, January, March, May, July, September, November
  • Obtain articles for the newsletter from the members of Secretariat with the deadline being the 15th of the month
  • Email newsletter when it is completed to Robert Frank for proofing, and he will email the final version back to you.
  • Send a copy of the newsletter to Adam McMillin who maintains the website and send an email notice to community that newsletter will be posted on website.
  • Maintain file of newsletters.


†        Assist the Lay Directors in Maintaining Up-to-Date Statistics and Records

  • Provide the number of members that attended a weekend the previous year along with how many of those were pastors to the Lay Director(s) in the spring of each year.


†        Maintain the VDC Database and the Responsibility Involved

  • Maintain the VDC Database that is kept in excel format.  This database contains the names of every person that has attended or served on a VDC weekend.
  • Add new community to the database after each weekend.
  • Make contact with Head Palanca person for the weekend to obtain the information sheets that the candidates complete.
  • Obtain a copy of the team rosters for each weekend and check and update addresses and phone numbers in the database.
  • Provide database to new Rector/Rectora once you have added the new community to the database.   These lists are used for team selection.
  1. The list will be divided male and female.
  2. The list will be divided by level 1, 2, 3.
  3. The list needed for the fall mixed weekend will need one list (rather than divided) for each experience level: men and women together for each level.
  4. The list is done by mail merge.


†        Email communications

  • Send out emails for VDC by email with an address set up for specifically for VDC.
  • Note that only emails can be sent for prayer requests (people needing prayers), joys and concerns.  We do not send out any requests to promote concerts, speakers etc.  If you have a question, check with the Lay Director.
  • Maintain the current email addresses of the community.

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