Lay Director

Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat

Lay Director Duties

The Lay Director is the chief executive officer of the Secretariat.

†        Calls and conducts the meetings and retreats of the Secretariat.

†        Prepares meeting agendas.

†        Forms and dissolves special committees and appoints their chairs with the approval of the Secretariat.

†        Coordinates the work of the members and the committees of the Secretariat.

†        Assures Secretariat compliance with procedures.

†        Works with chairs to promote weekends.

†        Provides articles for newsletters.

†        Participates as part of the various selection committees.

†        Lay Director may be an individual or couple with previous experience as a Rector/Rectora and must be Lutheran.

†        Prepares an annual report of the Living Water Via de Cristo activities.

†        Appoints nominating committee.

†        Appoints a review committee to examine the Treasurer’s books.

†        Presents the scroll and crucifix at Clausuras.

†        Heads the executive committee.

†        May appoint National Gathering delegates for Secretariat approval

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