Secretariat Job Descriptions

Lay Director

Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat Lay Director Duties The Lay Director is the chief executive officer of the Secretariat. †        Calls and conducts the meetings and retreats of the Secretariat. †        Prepares meeting agendas. †        Forms and dissolves special committees and appoints their chairs with the approval of the Secretariat. †        Coordinates the work …

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Assistant Lay Director

Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat Assistant Lay Director Duties †        Chairs the Secretariat meeting in the absence of the Lay Director. †        Meets with Executive Committee to deal with issues that come up between scheduled meetings. †        In charge of small task forces dealing with problems on a temporary basis while exploring ways to …

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Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat Secretary Duties †        Take Secretariat meeting minutes. †        Distribute Secretariat meeting minutes. †        Schedule monthly Secretariat meetings. †        Process all official correspondence, and keep appropriate files. †        Perform other duties as directed. †        Include printed Treasurer’s report as part of official meeting records. †        Meet with Executive Committee as …

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Leaders Chair

Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat Leaders Chair Duties Obtain and maintain a list of all Fourth Day community who would be willing to serve on team. Convene and facilitate the Rector/Rectora Selection Committee. Call and invite the Rector and/or Rectora to lead the weekends. Provide the Rector/Rectora with the supplies needed for the team …

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Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat Treasurer Duties †        Accurately account for all LWVDC funds. †        Prepare/provide written report for same at each monthly Secretariat meeting. †        Collect/deposit funds from Ultreya offerings. †        Pay babysitter at Ultreyas from fund collected at the Ultreya. †        Collect/depost funds from team members that Head Cha collects from team. …

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Pre Weekend Chair

Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat Pre-Weekend Chair Duties Pre-Weekend Preparation: Send Rector/a information needed for Team meetings, candidates coming, as well as requesting information needed for community participation. Send to Communications and Prayer site:  team roster, candidate names, reminders to sponsor a candidate. Write articles for Newsletter promoting team participation and sponsoring candidates. Write …

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Weekend Chair

Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat Weekend Chair Duties Prior to the Weekend: †        Obtain copy of contract after treasurer secures weekend. †        Inventory supplies and restock need as needed. †        Provide detailed expenses and receipts to treasurer. †        Share information for weekend, sendoff, and Clausura with community. †        Arrange for Clausura (church and host). …

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Post Weekend

Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat Post Weekend Chair Duties †         Contact church liaisons to obtain permission to hold Ultreya at their church. †         Give Ultreya guidelines to church hosts. †         Set up Communion at each Ultreya. (Or find a substitute) †         Keep songbooks and make sure they are at each Ultreya. †         Maintain a …

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Kitchen Chair

Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat Kitchen Chair Duties   †        Take supplies to first team training and give to Head Kitchen Cha (Coffee, spices, cups, paper plates, napkins, etc.). †        Be at site on Sunday to assist in packing up kitchen tubs and store at your home. †        Refill tubs (Coffee, spices, cups, paper …

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Palanca Chair

Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat Palanca Chair Duties †      Responds to requests for Palanca from other Cursillo movements. †      Sends Palanca request to other Cursillo movements for Living Water Weekends. †      Organizes the 72 hour prayer support for all Living Water Weekends. †      Processes general Palanca letters and delivers letters to the weekend sites. …

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Living Water Via de Cristo Secretariat Communication Duties †        Develop, Publish, and Distribute Newsletter Publish newsletter every 2 months, January, March, May, July, September, November Obtain articles for the newsletter from the members of Secretariat with the deadline being the 15th of the month Email newsletter when it is completed to Robert Frank for proofing, …

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