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  1. Bryant Brace says:

    I am Bryant Brace, son-in-law of the late Dan Stone, of Port Byron, IL. I attended Men’s Weekend #31 in the Spring of 2015 where I sat at the table of St. Barnabus. I am also part of our Secretariat and hold our “Communications” position.

    As you may or may not know, the Stone family continues to reside in the Port Byron area. I am interested to know if your organization counts Peace Lutheran Church as part of your group and if you have any active members there. I have shared some of my story with family and would like to be able to assist them in connecting with a more local group where they would also be able to participate in regular Reunion grouping and other functions such as Ultreyas and even serving on future weekends.

    Please let me know if there is someone I could reach out to who might be able to assist in inviting and/or sponsoring members of the family who are local to the Quad Cities.

    Thank you!

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