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VIA de CRISTO is based on the fundamentals of Christianity, concentrating on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. The focus is not on VIA de CRISTO itself, but on the environment of the community of believers. The objective of the ministry is to inspire, challenge, and equip people for Christian action in their homes, churches, and communities. 

VIA de CRISTO is intended for lay people from every walk of life, for pastors, for people who live strong and active lives in Christ, and also for those who seek to be renewed and strengthened in their relationship with Christ and the people around them. VIA de CRISTO is open to married couples, and single men and women.

For more information about this 72 hour spiritual retreat just click on the “About Us” menu tab above.

Upcoming VIA de CRISTO Weekends:

Men’s:          October 21-24, 2021
Women’s:    October 28-31, 2021


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