May 01

A Message From Pre Weekend Chair

Like the call for Spring we feel  – our hearts waiting to be filled with warmth, gladness, and a fresh start, God calls to us for the same –  to be closer to Him through praise, prayer, and service.


Even as we write this the building of Team for LWVdC Weekend # 50 has begun.  Our prayers are with Rector and Rectora -Tim and Theresa Oloffson, and Head Cha – Jeff Jacques, as they heed God’s call while going through lists of names and applications of our Via de Cristo community to fill the Fall Team.  We encourage you to prayerfully consider becoming a part Weekend #50 by serving on team actively, as a prayer warrior, and/or filling a time space of the  72-hour prayer scroll.

A team application may be found on this website, under the “Application” tab. There are two choices:  “Digital Team Application” to fill out and email; and “Team Application” to print, fill out and mail via postal service.  Both will go to Tim and Theresa Oloffson, 122 East 2nd Street, Box 207, Wyanet, IL  61379 / toloff@comcast.net

“We believe God has made us a people to invite other to follow Christ, to encourage on another to deeper commitment…to reconcile people to God through Word and deed…”


And if you aren’t already doing so, the time to begin praying for and considering those in your environment to attend as a Candidate for Weekend #50 is now!  Possibly your Parents, or an Aunt; a brother or sister or cousin?  Maybe your best friend, or how about the person you sit with at lunch every day?  Have faith in God’s directives, be encouraged by your experiences during your weekend, pray for that person whose name keeps coming to mind, share with him/her what the weekend meant to you, and ask and encourage them to attend Weekend # 50!  You may be the answer they have been waiting for in their prayers!

We all know how swiftly time rushes by; in just weeks team meetings will begin, and in just a few more weeks we will be attending the send-off for LWVdC Weekend # 50.  Ask your Candidates now.  Applications to attend the weekend are on this website under the “Applications” tab – “Pilgrim Application.”  Please print out the 2-page application, have your candidate and their Pastor fill out their parts, you fill out your part, and mail it to Clyde & Barbee Wray, 609 S. Church St., Princeton, IL  61356.  Questions?  BarbeeSW@hotmail.com or text 815-488-1018.

Prayers and hugs!

Clyde and Barbee Wray, Secretariat Pre-Weekend Chair

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